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Thread: Low lvl looking for advise

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    Default Low lvl looking for advise

    Hi All

    I have been playing rift for a few weeks now, testing out all the classes and callings. I decided to settle on rogue.

    The 3 souls i took where nightblade,saboteur and assassin, for the first few levels i was loving the ranged nightblade attacks and bombs from saboteur but assassin gave me nothing but poison (at 0 points).

    i am finding questing difficult when faced with 2-3 mobs due to no heals or attacks that grant me health.

    Im currently level 14 and managed to get Bard added to my soul list, so i respecced to Nightblade,saboteur and bard, chose Bard and put points in there for the heal while damaging talent to see if this will help. but felt bad because i had to spend loads of points just to get heals with cadence.

    So basically i really like nightblade and saboteur but cannot decide on a 3rd soul, Bard is ok but just makes my character feel all over the place.

    Would love someone to suggest a PVP and questing spec for lvl 15-16.

    Thank you

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    I'm certainly no expert, and if you want a PvP spec then there are a few on this board that you can have a look at, but as far as questing goes I'd recommend taking Ranger as your 3rd soul. You get a boar as a pet, which makes a great tank. Keep him on defensive mode, and select 'attack' from his ability bar, that way he'll jump in and grab aggro from the mob before you attack. If you just attack yourself then he'll still attack your target, but if there's more than one mob then often one will peel off to you. Give the boar a couple of seconds then attack yourself and you should be ok.

    If one of the mobs does peel off to you, you can just finish off the boars target quickly to free him uip to help you, or target the mob that's attacking you and select 'attack' on the boars ability bar if you want help sooner.

    If you stick 4pts into Ranger you get a heal for your pet. If you want you can leave it at that and spec the other two souls as you please. A Ranger/Marksman build is what I use to level and it burns through mobs pretty quickly. Sab I'm sure would be a good partner for Ranger as well, although I've not used it. Be careful with AOEs in Sab grabbing aggro from nearby targets I guess.

    Hope this helps!

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    Many thanks for the advise, i'm planning on doing all of the soul quests in meridian so i can have a large choice, was tempted to get the pet at the beginning and for questing it seems like a must have just dont like the rogue auto shooting before i hit buttons.


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    Default Another Option...

    ...for you is to take a more melee oriented route.

    Lvl15 is the lowest possible option for this setup and only starts to show where it can go. Basically you shooting to use your teleport to put up your Rift Barrier for damage reduction when fighting, Bladeancer for offence and assassin for poison early.


    @ lvl 50 you can see where this build finalizes. Points arent set in stone, and you can move things around abit as you see fit, but the point expendatures in each tree are pretty much required.

    Esentailly each finisher available to you buffs something else that you do or your party does. Nearing the end of each kill you want to try and hold combo points for the Riftstalker heal and Combat Culmination from Bladedancer. Keeping up Dauntless Strike and Annilate as roll roll from mob to mob and use Deady Strike as your damage finisher. Id suggest if you take this route to save all the points in assassin for last, but to each his own.
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