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Thread: Help me out with the build!

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    Default Help me out with the build!

    Hello rifters!

    I wonder if someone could help me with a nice build. Im currently assassin/riftstlaker but the build isnt what i want. Im level 34. Could someone please give me a nice build to work on from level 34-50 so i can try it out?

    Thanks in advance!

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    State what it is about the build you don't like then perhaps you'll get some useful help. I made a thread about a week ago asking for a good pet build... er on second though that didn't work out either.

    At any rate, ranger is pretty good, though pets are a bit soft for the heal you toss them.

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    Personally, I shy away from ranged rogue builds because handling a pet is a hassle for me. I prefer to go stealth, kill the mobs I need, and get out.

    I currently have two builds which work for me: Assassin/Bladedancer/Riftstalker
    I call this my "stealth build" and it's great for "kill x mobs" quests where you just want to kill and get out.
    This build doesn't have backstab into the build because you only get to use it during openers and most of your burst is coming from Savage Strike + Puncture + finisher.

    You'll basically open with a Incapacitate if needed, then Paralyzing Strike on your target. This will give you 3 combo points, then use Puncture to get 5 points. Finish with Baneful Touch if you don't have buff, else Final Blow. You'll generally kill mobs in one or two 5 point combos.

    Emergency Cooldowns: Side Steps, Blinding Powder, Enduring Brew, Slip Away.
    Use Lethal + Leeching Poison.

    Pros: High single target burst, high stealth, high defensive CDs.
    Cons: Low Multi-target damage, no surv. outside of CD, lack of offensive CD.

    2nd Build: Bladedancer/Assassin/Rift (again) "Cleave Build"
    This is a heavy BD build and it's technically better than the previous build if you have a lot of mobs to kill in a shorter amount of time. This build particularly shines in multi-mob situations since you'll have a lot of dodge/parry and reactionary abilities.

    You'll want to macro the following together:
    "Single target Spam": Disengage > Reprisal > Precision Strike > Quick Strike > Keen Strike
    "Multi target cleave": Disengage > Reprisal > Twin Strike

    Single target finishers: False Blade > Dauntless Strike > Deadly Strike
    Same for multi target finisher, but replace Deadly Strike with Compound attack.

    This build makes you feel more like a "warrior" than a sneaky rouge.

    Pro: Fast combo point builds, offensive abilities are mixed with defensive, high multi-target dmg, high offensive CDs
    Cons: Aside from Side Step, no real defensive CDs, more risk than previous build
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    great! Ill try those out! Is not that i dont like my build, but sometimes it feels that ive missed something. I like the stealthrouge and dont wanna go ranged, not yet, i like to be either the warriortype or the smash and grab rogue. Ill try both of them and see wich one i fancy!

    Btw, macros, havnt done them yet, could you pleas eexplain more how it works? Im pretty new to marcos

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