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Thread: Saboteur High Explosives, crits?

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    Default Saboteur High Explosives, crits?

    Hi all,

    I'm kinda new to MMO's and I have been using 44Sab for a while and checking the parser I was wondering how should the High Explosives crit chance work, i dont know at all if some bleeds can crit or not, but i'm seeing a really low crit% from this attack.
    After some encounters on expert AP (I have ~42% crit chance, with my buffs only), every attack is critting for 44%-64% (Detonate, Spike, Sharpnel, Auto Attack), but High Explosives is about 2%-9%.
    As I dont know too much of how this things works, was wondering if the attack have some problems on its crit chance, or if in fact, it shouldnt be critting at all.

    Anyone else have seen this?

    Thanks for your help!
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