Soooo here are some reasons, justifications, and down right excuses for the spec. My purpose was to make a build that could do some nice burst damage, still have eradicate , silence, dodge, and slow. Also a build that can be be helpful in a group setting as well as have the ability to 1v1.

With the 44MM, I chose not to take Bull's Eye because my crit's high enough that I'll get a crit shot most likely, and also because I personally didn't use it much (I'd forget a lot tee hee).
No static shot here, decided to put that into collateral damage for some better AoE when needing to guard fang. No Improved Repelling shot cuz I only repel when it's a 1v1 situation and you can crossfire if you need to push a team back. No Sharpshooter, just cuz.

With the 16 BladeDancer, I wanted to pick a soul for defense. I had considered RS at first, however I did not want to teleport and it just didn't seem to fit (willing to take opinions on this and everything tbh).

So basically I get the 5% dodge, I get Side Steps which is great for 1v1 fights (pop that CD!), combat expertise because strike back doesn't do anything and I'm not going to be using melee weapons. (If you're in melee range and you have strike back but are using a bow with closed quarters combat, do you strike back?) Then the 15% dex, yummy, and Blade Tempo which will be popped during burst damage for even more epic burst damage. (I have a thing for CDs tbh, it's probably a bad fetish.)
So basically I squeeze some dex, dodge, and a 2 CDs: one for offense and one for defense, and now you have TWO ranged silences (deaden + weapon barrage). (Will weapon barrage work with a bow?)

The 6 Ranger I debated taking the 5% crit, for 5% HP. I decided to take the crit but we'll see. Then 1 point for the ranged slow. Something I've been missing in my MM builds prior was a good slow. You also get the AP buff which scales very well with MM. And hey, why not throw that razorbeast into the mix for ****s and giggles.

Anywho, this build will inevitably change as I rank up in Prestige and can utilize more of that tree. What I'd like from you guys is to point out the flaws in my build, ie does my reasoning not make sense, do certain skills not work correctly.

Appreciate all comments and suggestions.

DISCLAIMER: I don't claim to be the best, smartest, or some pro-rogue.