1.2 was a really nice upgrade for all of us marksmen, yet in a way it kinda boned us on hit n run.

I realize it was TRION attempting to make the class a little more user friendly, but honestly if people playing the class are too ******ed to realize that you should pop your 50% energy reduce and hit and run at the same time then that is their downfall as a player.

Putting hit n run and improved hit n run on the same cooldown is a joke. used to be nice when running a t2 to pop controlled fire on a trash wave to spam aoes, then boss fight comes up and use hit n run, quick reload and stack the 2 skills.

Dont punish competent players for other player's incompetence if you cant figure it out then maybe you should reroll.

overall marksman DPS is fine and the 1.2 patch put us on par with many other dps classes, obviously except for Gresh's favorite mage class pyro, which will run about a warfront decimating every class in two hits.

please give us back controlled fire and remove improved hit and run im sure now that you have basically told people what skilsl they should be using to DPS proper that they will use it correctly.