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Thread: Bards Pvp Suggestions

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    Default Bards Pvp Suggestions

    anyone have any suggestions on how to make bards a bit more viable in pvp, im not having to much trouble atm but it just gets annoying when you have to wait for cadence to finish befor you can move away from someone freecasting on you.

    I was thinking maybe a 38+ talent allowing cadence to be used while moving this was suggested awile ago by someone on the forums whos name I forgot but I thought it was a great idea what does everyone else think about this any suggestions?

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    Well, a move that would make Bards invincible in PvP would be nice too, but it's about as likely to happen as mobile casting.

    I very rarely play my bard (the class is just boring as hell) but I would either build it with Nightblade, to increase cadence damage (and therefore heals), or RS to give you more mobility and survivability. Though I don't claim to be an expert on the subject, so there are likely better builds out there.

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    i agree that we should have something else to aid us in PVP 100%

    a better heal.
    a cleanse
    a purge
    mobile casting of cadence

    any of the above would make me very happy to play a 51 bard in pvp!
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