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Thread: Questions bout rogue

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    Default Questions bout rogue

    hello guys and girls

    im new to rogues amd was wondering bout a few things now one is ofc whats the best lvling spec ?

    and then a wird question lol now ive seen some rogues where the offhand weap turn the outher way then the mainhand is that summit random or ?

    hope for replys :=)

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    The weapons turned the opposite direction are two of the female models carry their weapons that way. I think it's Eth for the defiant and Mathosian for the Guardians.

    For leveling you would need to specify if that is going to be solo or with a friend. As solo, Ranger is decent because the pet will take the damage for you. Otherwise you need to know your probably going to want to take enough assassin for leaching poisons or enough Riftstalker for rift scavenge to have self heals.
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    I used 13 in Riftstalker for AP, Endurance, and 3/3 in Rift Scavenger for the heals. Focused on Assassin for the rest. And pick up a greater essence with a dd that also heals. You'll have more than enough healing to be safe. Never really ever had downtime, even on pulls of 3-4 mobs at a time. Or you could go Rift/BD following the same lines for Rift, and pick up either offense or defense in BD for some aoe capabilities aside from the 1 in Rift.

    Or, like mentioned, Ranger can do well with the boar tanking. If you go that route, just have the boar attack all the extra mobs that come a couple of times, then focus on whichever one you put it on last and burn it down while keeping your boar healed. For secondary, you have several options with that build that synergize very well, like MM for extra ranged oomph, or Assassin for the extra crit, poisons, and stealth.

    There are plenty of great leveling builds. Key is just finding one that works well, and you enjoy playing as. Hope that helps some.

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    Lots of points in ranger for leveling. Or, lots of points in bladedancer if you like to melee level.
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