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Thread: Expose Weakness worth using in any Assassin incorporated build?

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    Default Expose Weakness worth using in any Assassin incorporated build?

    Bladedancer builds that use Expose Weakness may find themselves having to reapply after/before every Finisher. Ranger/Marksman builds that have it, could go up to two finishers without reapplying, even with Rapid Fire Shot consuming 5 of the ticks.

    It appears to add a considerable amount of damage to each shot, the question is, is it worth a GCD putting in the rotation?

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    It doesn't build CPs.
    It costs 20 (18,17) energy.
    It uses a GCD.
    It deals 320 (or up to 500 if it is applied before crit) damage - or does it scale in any way?

    Not worth the CP, but applying it before a fight doesn't hurt.

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    With my sin build, I apply before a attack. I don't bother after that, unless i'm not the focus and it's many on many.
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