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Thread: Best/Godd Rogue melee solo spec

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    Default Best/Godd Rogue melee solo spec

    As I reach 50 I want to spend time after dailies lvling another Rogue, but this time more melee focus. I am not familier with spec in this are so would like some help.

    I was thinking rs/bd/nb. Any suggestions? and also what I should focus on first calling wise.
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    Great build, been using it myself since level 1. Great dps, absolutely no downtime, and who doesn't love a bunch of shifts to top it off.
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    34 BD/32 Asn is very fun if you have the gear to support it, namely the healing trinket from RD. Perma stealth and the BD defense abilities help a lot.

    But the best low gear level spec is probably something with the RS healing from left over combo points, the assassin damage abilities, and the BD reactives and parry/damage buffs.

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