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Thread: melee rogues in pvp

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    Default melee rogues in pvp

    hi there, im having difficult time doing pvp with melee rogues, ive tried different builds but none of them seem to work. sometimes i find myself in top three dps in the table but when i fight it seems like my targets are invulnerable... are melee rouges useless in pvp or i just need more practice?

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    Melee is in general inferior to ranged/caster dps performance in warfronts. This is because it is easier to stand at range dealing damage, easier to make fast switches and so on. Warfronts is also very rewarding to AoE damage these days, so having a ranged spec with decent AoE. Rogue is not a warrior so we are more fragile when having to fight at the front (which is not our playstyle), another setback for melee. For melee PvP 1v1 / world pvp I would suggest 32 Assa (for impale talent) 34 Nightblade (fell blades talent) and 0 BD (for sidesteps).
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