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Thread: Best greater and lesser essences for a ranged pve rogue?

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    Default Best greater and lesser essences for a ranged pve rogue?

    I play ranged pve rogue (sabo or rng/mm) and am wondering what the best greater and lesser essences are for my spec. I'm assuming crit for lesser, but most of the physical dps greater seem to do dmg and heal; I've only found one that increases AP. Which ones should I keep an eye out for?

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    Personally, im using AP increasing Greater ones (2x) and then for lesser i use lvl dex. I will later on buy the ones with most AP, then dex, then str in that order.

    Other people prefer crit too, but as i have heard of many people, AP always gave them an DPS increase so i will be using AP before crit.

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    Depends of your gear but I would recommend that use dex/crit lesser planars until you have about 30% unbuffed crit then stack ap after that. This is for various skills over the souls that benefit of critting. But I would always compare individual pieces, take whatever is upgrade whether its ap or crit piece.

    - Crit greater is pretty much permanent 42crit rating least as melee, maybe marginally lower uptime as ranged (8str10dex12crit lesser planar is 9ap 22crit from stillmoor rare planarite vendor). So more or less lesser planar is better choice especially if you get better ones.

    -Waning shadesource has been pretty constant 4.1 +- 0.3dps over various builds + you get heal procs. 10ap = 1dps (in practise somewhat more) so it's not much better than lesser planarite if not at all but healing proc is nice bonus.

    - purple Crystallized Vampire XXX from Stillmoor rare planarite vendor does between 4-7dps depending of spec and heals quite a bit as well.

    I have no experience of those individual ability boost planars so cant comment them. Personally I would use waning and vampire due being better or pretty close to any lessers but you get hp procs which can be useful and same time same focus will work for pvp/farming.
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