I hit Conceal and go into stealth mode. The first/bottom action bar flips over to the "rogue stealth" bar, and all the attacks that I have that are "stealth mode only" show up. I hit the Nightblade stun (Lost Hope) and USUALLY the mob is in a daze for 45s, but SOMETIMES, Lost Hope lands, only for Dark Malady fires off and I've not hit the button for Dark Malady. I usually want to stun the mob, and scoot on past, only for Dark Malady to fire off and incomes the mob I stunned and maybe a few of his buddies if there are any nearby.

This also happened as I was leveling up and it was Ebon Terror misfiring insteaed of Dark Malday. Since I've leveled up to 50, and put enough points into Nightblade, I've since replaced Ebon Terror with Dark Malady.

I've tried moving both Lost Hope and Dark Malady both out of the "rogue stealth" bar, and have tried it with one or the other moved out of the bar, and that FIXES the problem of Dark Malady going off on its own..but I want to keep those "stealthy only" buttons hidden away on the "rogue stealth" bar.

Don't tell me I have a macro issue going on, because I don't use macros on this soul build. I've reset to default settings, and it's still happening. I'm not hitting 2 buttons at the same time, because my combat log says Lost Hope, and then it says something about Dark Malady going off. I've even moved Dark Malady over to the side away from the Lost Hope button...and it still happens every once in awhile.