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    Ok now i've been playing from a few days with a marksman and i notice that around 20 % of my shots are dodged/missed. But it's just so strange. I was gathering tin ore around meridean and a boar level 8 attacked me and the first two abilities i used were dodged and missed and i am level 19. Perhaps there's some bug ? 10 % of the time my finishers are missed/dodged also.Now i am still low level so i don't think i need hit rating at that point.

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    At 50, they suggest T1 Dungeons (50 hit / 10%), T2 Dungeons (100 Hit / 20% hit), Greenscale Raids (150 hit / 30%). You will continue to miss/parry/dodged upto 220 hit. After that point you will hit 100% of the time in the instances. But, this bit of information helps you understand how the hit table works.

    • 5% Parry
    • 5% Dodge
    • 10% x Difficulty Miss
    • Hit

    So, say you have 0 hit at your current level you probably have a 10% miss chance plus 5% chance of being parried or dodged. As you gain hit, you will push items off the chart.
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