Im not going to say this is the best pvp spec ever, it lacks a heal debuff, has only baseline ranger abilities for ranged, but i think its the highest damage you can get in a short period of time.

and here is the video (i am setting up music in the first 8 seconds which i forget to turn up loud enough to make a difference, o well....)

At 42-44 seconds into the video i take the Deadly Strike buff from killing the rogue and drop 4532 damage over two gcds on the caster standing beside him (including a 1025 Backstab and a 2005 Serpent Strike).

My spammable macro goes

#show Backstab (or whatever)
/cast Weapon Barrage
/cast Serpent Strike
/cast Reprisal
/cast Backstab
/cast Savage Strike
/cast Quick Shot

yes i recognize i dont have full control over when i pop serpent's -- but if you mash that key a few times all three of those off-gcd attacks will go off (assuming you've dodged something recently)

Basically i am opening the WF using Sprint once i enter stealth so i can to their backlines quick while stealthed. I open on my first target with expose, Paralysing Strike - Punture - (5cp) Deadly Strike - SPAM THE MACRO and most of the time people go pop if serpent strike crits (seems to crit around 2k even on well geared players, slip away before anyone really has a chance to do anything and pop hidden veil so i dont get popped out of stealth in their backlines....throw in malicious strikes and foul play as needed. If you are not exhausted you could pop Side Steps to help encourage a dodge proc for reprisal.

and again, not the best all-around PVP spec ever, but fun to play and very good when you can arrange the ideal setup. I almost never use final blow, and do try to keep baneful and false blade up when i can.