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Thread: Assassin Suggestions: First Stop

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    Default Assassin Suggestions: First Stop

    Hey all,

    I wanted to propose these suggestions to the rogue forums first before moving on to the Suggestion forums to try and get some opinions on whether or not these changes would be useful in the opinions of the people they effect, since the exposure to users here is much higher than actually within the suggestion forums.

    There has been a lot of heated discussions lately about how Slip Away and Stealth in general is overpowered. Stealth because it gives control of combat initiation and prevents targetting, and slip away for it's ability to make people "unkillable". While I personally don't believe that stealth or slip away are anywhere near unbalanced in a WF situation, I do believe that a few changes could make both rogues and their targets a bit more comfortable.

    A propose a few changes to existing skills, as well as new skills all together:

    Hidden Veil is removed altogether, replaced by new 40pt Root ability "Caught Offguard"

    Caught Offguard
    2? minutes
    When activated, allows your next Assassinate, Jagged Strike, or Paralyzing Strike to be used on a target that is feared, stunned, or mezzed without having to be in stealth. This ability does not trigger Global Cooldown.

    Slip Away is changed slightly:

    Slip Away
    2 minutes
    The rogue completely dissapears from sight and becomes resistant to all damage for a short time. The rogue takes XX% less damage and deals XX% less damage for X seconds. This also removes all Snares, Stuns and Roots. This ability does not trigger Global Cooldown.

    Tier 5 Assassin Ability "Improved Stealth" changed from "Your stealth now lasts till canceled" to

    "Your stealth now lasts till canceled. In addition, if damage is taken while hidden, the breaking of stealth will be delayed by XX seconds, or until you receive damage equal to x.x% of your Maximum Health, plus x.x% of your Maximum Health for every point spent in the Assassin Soul above 21 points."

    These changes would have a few different effects.

    Changes to Improved Stealth would remove the need for Hidden Veil, while providing a similar effect than can be burned through by enough damage. This would allow offspec assassins to benefit from a non-instant break of their stealth from random AoE's, while allowing dedicated Assassins to benefit from an ability similar to Hidden Veil, since it would be somewhat harder to break.

    The changes to Slip Away are both a nerf and a buff. The added utility of being able to break stuns with it means that it can allow escape from hairy situations, but the removal of the followup immunity means that dots will continue to kill you, aoe's can continue to pulse, but at a reduced damage. This would leave your fate in the hands of points spent in the Assassin Soul for durability of Improved Stealth, and your remaining hp at the time of Slipping instead of relying on a straight immunity to escape rough situations.

    The addition of Caught Offguard would allow the rogue a CD to spend that is used like many people are using Slip Away right now, only more situational. With the changes to CC DR, it offers fewer chances to utilize such an ability, while offering more methods of doing so outside of being cloaked.

    The most advantageous way I see to use this would be Jagged Strike, opener, Foul play, caught offguard, assassinate, which would give amazing burst potential, but no more than the current slip away method of doing it, though by using caught offguard you are still visible throughout all of it, and therefore targettable during. This is also assuming that you can get yourself back into a position to use assassinate while Foul Play is still active.


    I have much more to say about the different utility of these abilities, and this is obviously just a work in progress as far as suggestions goes, I'm just putting it out here to hear peoples comments and maybe get some feedback as far as possible changes to the idea, or if any changes are actually needed in the first place.

    Please keep the discussion clean and flame free, I'm not here to debate whether a stealth mechanic itself is imbalanced, only if these changes would help reduce complaints and produce a more enjoyable experience in combat with an assassin for both sides.
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    Slip away is fine the way it is... no need to change that or even suggest a change.

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    At first I said "Dear lord no I love hidden veil!" but I see you combined it into improved stealth, so whew.

    Not really sure we need anything else though, I do just fine accomplishing what I want: killing things quickly, or getting away if I fail to try again.
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    If anything you need to reduce the CD of slip away to 1:30. What needs to be a done is alter it in a way so that 51-sins who have hidden veil benefit more from slip away and sins who pick up a 32-point build benefit less (FYI I am addicted to hidden veil, this is just stating that 32-point sins get a "little too much" from slip away" when compared.) The overall problem that I see with slip away is it's too powerful when used in a hybrid rogue and not powerful enough for those dedicated to the calling.
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