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Thread: Health v. Damage Reduction

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    Default Health v. Damage Reduction

    If you need to choose; which is of more benefit (for solo/questing play)?

    ie. Adding riftstalker to a build; 2-3 pts Great Fortitude or 2-3 pts Exceptional Resilience.

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    tbh for solo/quest play, either.

    They both equate to roughly the same value overall, its only when you can get a significantly higher value from 1 or the other that its an issue.

    So I'd put the point in which ever would reward you something else with it, such as a new skill or such.

    Else go for Damage reduction, its simpler and transfers better to team play generally.

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    Lets take a look.

    3 points for 6% Damage reduction == It is a % of all damage. 6% of a 100 hit is 6 hp saved. 6% of a 1000 hit is 60 hp.

    3 points for 9% endurance gain. Round numbers here, likely but not everyone has these. So 500 Endurance nets 45 more endurance. 200 endurance nets 18 more endurance.

    I am not sure of the endurance to HP ratio but from this side of the screen the endurance looks to win out. I am guesstimating here but I am willing to bet on a 1000 hit, you reduce damage 60 hp. That is 6-10 endurance's worth of HP?

    *I would also be willing to bet the damage reduction is at the end of the damage calculation as well so its actually only a 3% reduction. Yes it will also reduce the crit damage but lets be realistic here.*
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