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Thread: Petition to have Riftstalker Guarded Steel and Rift Guard buffs more visible

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    This game needs better options for watching buffs/debuffs, period.

    Most Rogue souls would benefit from more visible timers, but it is a lot more essential for Riftstalkers.

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    I haven't tried out Chronos, but I'll give it a shot for sure. As a rogue tank, I do hate how often I feel I am spending 50% of my time simply staring at my buff bar searching through the constantly shifting lists of 25 buffs and making sure all 4 of my buffs are up. This would allow me to actually, you know, watch the encounter more often lol.

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    I'm sorry, I just don't see the need for this, if your rotating 3 finishers just know that RG/GS/whatever else your using (Annihilate / false blade) can be rotated once with 5 CP's before the 30 second RG falls off.

    For instance....

    Phantom blow x3 (only this if your above 11k health as 5 CP's in T2's is a waist)
    Planar strike x2

    Phantom Blow x1
    Planar strike x4

    Phantom blow x1
    planar strike x4
    Annihilate / False blade

    Rinse and repeat. It should be second nature after a while.

    I just don't see the reason to ever even pay attention to it once you get a rhythm for a rotation.
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    I have suggested something to help manage RS buffs a few timeshttp://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?190864-Suggestion-to-help-manage-buffs!

    This is a great idea too, but the only benefit mine has over this one is that it would be applied to all similar abilities, like Bladedancer finishers, which are also difficult to manage.

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    I'd love to see a secondary buff bar that you could set up and move where ever you wanted it.

    Have a pop-up window where you could type in the buffs that you wanted to see in the secondary buff bar.

    Select Self, Target, Target of Target, or Focus Target and fill in the buffs you want.

    Maybe have 8-10 slots available.

    That way you could keep track of all of your buffs on yourself, and any that someone else cast on you.

    Or if a healer, you could keep track of your buffs on your Target or Focus Target. You would still have the main buff bar for all of the buffs on you and still be able to see all of the buffs on your Target.

    All classes could customize to the way they see fit.
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    It think this touches upon the greater issues of the buffs/debuffs UI being horrid and just about unintelligible. My alt is a warden cleric and is ALL about keeping HoT's, on different timers, constant. Like Riftstalker, you have to train your eyes to see the 3 important boxes amidst the 20 and its a nightmare.

    I vote for the improvement of the UI for class based, self cast, buffs -- whatever that might be.

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    As I said in a different thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Feina View Post
    I support these buff management changes / general improvements that people are suggesting for the UI. I think Trion may just leave them for the mod API and let the community do it, though.

    Maybe Chronos can also help .
    Really though, the UI needs to be improved. Can't wait for a mod API so I can look into changing the UI directly .

    Hell, Trion can hire me! Everyone knows I love UI's .
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    3 CPs, Guard.
    3 CPs, Steel.
    5 CPs, False Blade.
    5 CPs, Guard.

    After this, hit a different finisher every 5 CPs. Can even line them up on your bar like Guard, Steel, False, Annihilate, and just strum the line.

    But yes, a more obvious icon could be useful.

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