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Thread: 44nb pvp build

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    Default 44nb pvp build


    44nb 22rs 0bd for defensive CD, or ranger for 30 meter ranged attacks.

    Macro 1

    #show Twilight Force
    cast Twilight Force
    cast Primal Strike
    cast Fiery Spike

    Macro 2

    #show Blazing Strike
    cast Blazing Strike
    cast Flame Thrust

    Macro 3

    #show Shadow Assault
    cast Shadow Assault
    cast Shadow Blitz
    cast Shadow Stalk

    ^you can use shadow stalk while stealthed

    Hellfire/Fell blades
    Planebound resiliance
    Stalker phase

    Key to victory is to use your cooldowns.

    It's late cba to go into detail... Try it, thank me later.

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    I used to play this build , but Im loving 51/15 nb/inf way more (matter of tastes anyway...)

    Still its a good and competitive pvp nb build, there is only one thing I do not like (apart for the macros, wich I do no use because I have no lack of keybinds, and I rather use lots of buttons then smash one single macro..but thats again matter of tastes.) and thats is 3points into Rift scavenger, I would rather put them into Shadow Mastery.
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    I can't count the times riftscavanger has saved me in 2/3v1 situations. I solo queue in wf's and it helps a ton with staying in the fight, cuz we all know theres no healers in warfronts. :P

    It's also usefull for world pvp, you are doing dalies riftscavanger will make you a efficent farming machine while you got a build that works for pvp.

    I dunno, weighing out the pros and cons of those 3 points i'd still put em in riftscavanger.

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