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Thread: MM 1.2 PvE viable?

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    Default MM 1.2 PvE viable?

    Hi Guys:
    My guild has started in GSB the last few weeks and have all but Lord Greenscale down. However, they have requested that I go ranged as our guild is rogue heavy and they are ALL melee. So, I was hoping to hear what the results have been on the MM buffs in 1.2 in respect to raid dps viability. I'd prefer a ranged build not as reliant on pet dps/buffs because frankly it seems quite difficult/a pain to keep pets alive during many boss encounters. So, has the early testing so far shown that a pure MM build is competitive dps? Or are hybrid builds still going to dominate?

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    Even if you get parses (That have already been posted) now, they are still subject to change before the patch is actually released.

    My advice would be to wait for the patch to go live, then look for an updated parse.
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