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Thread: Rogue Average DPS T1/T2/Raid

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    Default Rogue Average DPS T1/T2/Raid

    What is the Average DPS from rogues for T1/T2/Raid?
    Like what dps you must reach to be good. Even for trash, or for bosses.

    Many people said, you must have around 600 DPS.

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    It varies hugely based on your spec, your group/raid composition, the fight mechanics, etc.

    500 for a melee-friendly T1 boss fight, 600 for T2, 800+ for entry raiding would probably be ballpark figures for what I'd consider acceptable.

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    Depends on the situation, as Dina pointed out. You will probably always be lower than everyone else on AoE encounters (basically, more than 1 mob), so don't let that get you down. For boss encounters, I like to compare myself to the others in the raid. If you are within the top few (in a raid), you are doing fine. It may be your DPS is low, but if everyone else is low, too, then you alone won't solve the problem.
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