Trying to find out if the Riftstalker "Stalker Pose" that gives you +15% damage is worth taking and combining with a NB or a Sin. I'm only lvl 31, and have been playing a pure sin spec, with ranger for the ranged snare, and using Infiltrator for the armor pen. I've noticed that my ability to kill targets in WFs has dropped alot. At lower levels I was really enjoying the sin, I felt much more confident attacking a blue bar and being able to either kill them, or put enough pressure on them for them to switch to healing themselves or making them run.

Now in the 30's I just cant apply that kind of pressure, and I'm looking for alternatives. The thought in my head, and I'm not sure how this would work out in the game, is to take sin for the bleeds, the 5% crit and the movement modification while in stealth. NB I would take to fell blades, for the healing reduc obviously, and finally taking RS to 16 points for the stalker pose, and the AP bonuses, warps, and Shadow Assault.

Just wanted to know if anyone in their 40's-50's has tried something like this and has any input on how it works for them in pvp. I really don't want to lose the infiltrator tree, but due to frustrations now, I'm trying to adjust.

Thanks in advance for your reply's and input.