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Thread: I've lost track... what's going on with Bard

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    Default I've lost track... what's going on with Bard

    I've lost track of what's going on with bard. Here's what I remember from what I've read:

    Bard's cadence was nerfed and bards weren't healing for a lot on test
    Mod posts that it was an error and bard's cadence isn't being reduced
    Reduction of cadence remains on test, and the reduction is showing on the patch notes

    So ... what gives? Bards have already been hit hard, and we've been contemplating not running with one in raids as it is, post patch we'll have to test but cant see it being worth it. They already aren't so great in pvp, definitely weaker in 5 mans then any other support class. So what gives? Or am I misunderstanding and they aren't nerfing an already weak class?

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    The change was a mistake, however Bards are still in the same miserable state as more and more people realize how weak the soul is. So yea, to sum it up, the situation is really, really not good.
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