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Thread: Dual Wield Ability Damage Bug?

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    Default Dual Wield Ability Damage Bug?

    I haven't seen anything on this, but if I missed a thread on this, please let me know I guess...

    To remove variables, I tested with a clean spec (0 points spent), with two gray weapons purchased from the melee weapon vendor in IPP.

    Combatant's Dagger - 14.7 DPS 18-35 damage every 1.8 sec
    Combatant's Mace - 14.8 DPS 28-52 damage every 2.7 sec

    I only recorded crit data, as crits are constant, and do not vary. The following are crits with Planar Strike.

    mace - 192
    dagger - 193

    mace/mace - 192
    dagger/dagger - 193

    dagger/mace - 193
    mace/dagger - 173

    Basically, what this means is that if you have two weapons, you'll lose dps if the slower one isn't in your OH.

    Now, I recently acquired a Noxious Maul from Greenscale.

    Noxious Maul - 36.7 dps 69-129 damage every 2.7 sec (19 str, 16 dex, +10 dex (rune))

    Planar Strike crits for 285 when I have just the Noxious Maul equipped.

    I also use an Oracle's Painblade.

    Oracle's Painblade - 32.9 dps 48-90 damage every 2.1 sec (15 str, 12 dex, +10 dex (rune))

    Planar Strike crits for 271 when i have just the Oracle's Painblade equipped.

    No problems yet, lower dps weapons should hit for less.

    The problem comes when dual wielding both.

    Noxious Maul (MH)/Oracle's Painblade (OH) - 259
    Oracle's Painblade (MH)/Noxious Maul (OH) - 273

    So, I basically cap out at the damage the Oracle's Painblade deals. I am losing ability damage by Dual Wielding.

    This may be a non issue for some of the DPS rogues out there that have two weapons of equal dps and weapon speed, but it is a concern as a tank. I'm generating less threat when I lose ability damage. With the modifiers placed on my abilities, am I actually generating LESS threat by dual wielding? Does the damage my off hand weapon deals make up for difference in ability damage?
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    Are you leaving and re-entering combat after swapping weapons?

    There's a widely known bug that can heavily skewer damage in both directions if you swap weapons with two different speed ratings while in combat.

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    I was not, and I wasn't aware of that bug >.<

    retested and everything looks like it should now. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was worried there >.<

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