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Thread: Sin/Ranger dps

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    Default Sin/Ranger dps

    Hai guys!

    I've heard somewhere that sin/ranger does the most dmg for rogue's now and in the next patch.. is this correct? :P

    If possible, can someone explain me how this build works?
    So with build posts and macro's, tactics etc!

    I will be waiting for your comments!

    Greetz SuperDry

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    Default My Ranged Role. . .

    I have been messing with a Ranged build for a while now.. I think I have found what I've been looking for. I needed something that would be good for PvP and PvE and I do daily's (sometimes) I went 18 sin 40 mm 8 rng. I really did like it but the fact that it was really dependent on CD's and deadeye's cast time was not all that great and I had no way of getting out of a stun for PvP.. It was a fun PvE questing build for kiting mobs but other then that it was not that great.. I did something different tonight and I am loving it for owPvP and PvE. 32 Ranger 18 Sin 16 MM. I am running that now and have been for a few hours and I must say it is very well rounded and Awesome for PvP more then you would think...

    I am hitting about 800-900 avg with Head shot and it crits for at least 1400 1/3 times after I use Headshot and get the 5% dmg buff going I tend to use Hasted shot it hits harder and the speed boost you get is great for kiting.. I also notice that I can take down a Warrior so much easyer with the extra armor penn I have from Piercing Shot (with 3/3 Exposure gives that shot an extra 60%) and the 20% armor penn from MM's Penetrating Shots 5/5. I also notice that Deadeye Shot is hitting for more then it was even without using Marksman's Pedestal as I am not spec'ed 18 into MM for it anyway but Deadeye is criting for 1840 and it does that a lot, I just don't use it much at all since I like to stay on the move..

    I did not at all mean to make this post as long as it is (its not that long......) I guess I was just board. Anyway I think you should give this build a shot. I was always one to go deep into 1 tree but this build seems to be the best overall ranged build and with Escape Artist, it allows you to use it in instanced or owpvp just fine.. I fell in love with ranged for owPvP within a few hours using this build.. I only found one point you can really move without hurting the build at all and that would be in the MM tree I took Repelling Shot rather then On the Double but I just think it works better for me that way. I hope you like the build as I do very much.. I would also like to see what others are using and what you are using it for. I have not seen a build like mine yet but I'm sure there are for people that need good all around pvp and something that will work just as good in pve..

    Link to Build = http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...0b.VGsbucksooz

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