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Thread: rogue 1.2 adjustments

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    Default rogue 1.2 adjustments

    compilation of 1.2 update taken from ign

    * Serpent Strike: Damage increased. Cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
    * Impale: Damage increased.
    * Assassinate: Damage increased.
    * Backstab: Additional damage bonus from Attack Power increased to 100% from 50%. Ability base damage increased. Now has a 6 second cooldown.
    * Murderous Intent: Fixed a bug where this was not giving the correct percentage increase to physical damage.
    * Poison Malice: No longer causes stealth to break when activated.
    * Hidden Veil: Reworded ability description.

    * Cadence: Damage slightly reduced for ranks 2 through 10. Cadence will also correctly give 3 combo points instead of 2 when you have points spent in Expedited Wounds [Infiltrator].

    * Flash of Steel: The minimum required range to use this ability has been reduced to 3 meters from 8.
    * Deadly Strike: Corrected an issue where rank 9 and 10 were both trained at level 42. Rank 10 of Deadly Strike is properly trainable at level 48.
    * Quick Strike: Additional damage bonus from Attack Power increased to 100% from 50%. Ability base damage increased.
    * Precision Strike: Additional damage bonus from Attack Power increased to 100% from 50%. Ability base damage increased.
    * Mass Subdue: The damage from Mass Subdue will no longer trigger secondary effects like Serrated Blades or weapon poisons, and will no longer cause the incapacitation effect to break as a result of these secondary effects.
    * Blade Tempo, Side Steps, Blade and Soul Parity, Double Coup, and Dualism: No longer cause stealth to break when activated.

    * Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Marksman will receive a free soul point respec.
    * Fire and Forget: Removed.
    * Eradicate – New Ability: Available after spending 44 points in Marksman. Removes up to 2 buffs from the enemy target.
    * Close Quarters Combat: Now a 1 point passive ability rather than an activated one. Now available as a 6th tier branch ability.
    * Bull’s Eye: Now available as a 5th tier branch ability.
    * Crossfire: Available after spending 26 points in Marksman.
    * Sniper Training: Revised. Now increases the damage of Empowered Shot and Deadeye Shot by 5-15%.
    * Controlled Fire: Removed.
    * Improved Hit and Run: New ability available after spending 38 points in Marksman. Allows the execution of ranged attacks while moving; causes Empowered Shot and Deadeye Shot to become instant cast abilities, removes cooldown on Empowered Shot, and reduces the Energy cost of all Marksman abilities by 50%. Shares a cooldown with Hit and Run.
    * Hit and Run: No longer causes stealth to break when activated.
    * Rapid Extraction: Revised – it now reduces the cooldown of On the Double, Hit and Run, Improved Hit and Run, Bull’s Eye, and Retreat by 15-30%.
    * Strafe: Now deals an additional 20% damage if you are standing on your Pedestal.
    * Rapid Fire Shot: Revised. No longer adds a buff that increases your attack speed. Now a ranged damage finisher that fires 1 shot per combo point up to a maximum of 5 shots. 20 second cooldown.

    * Heat Retention: Fixed an occasional issue where this wouldn’t always trigger when using a damaging ability that awards a combo point.
    * Ebon Fury, Twilight Shelter, Twilight Transcendence: No longer cause stealth to break when activated.

    * Double Shot: Fixed a bug where this would cause Fang of the Life Lord to trigger.

    has anyone done any testing on an assassin? is it any decent damage or are they just adding like 5-10 damage, and like 100 on finishers like i've heard?

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