Look, I play a warrior. I've played all types of plate wearers but I tried to give it another shot at being a rogue again (Since DAoC times and WoW)

Rogues in every game had some kind of poison had some kind of healing reduction or a skill that did the same, but as I looked at every other tree, you can only get it in the NIGHTBLADE TREE thats 32 points in it. But that's just it, you can also get it when you put 15 points in the Infiltrator line. Why does the assassin tree (which is made to be the quick kill, quickly get out) the MAIN rogue tree without one? Would it become too powerful for the tree? I can now see why rogues hate the assassin tree cause of the lack of the healing reduce cause any new rogue will be screwed from this having to be FORCED to be cookie cutter spec or HAVING to be pvp rank 3 to even get the debuff.

What do you guys feel about this?