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Thread: rogue AoE dps.

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    Default rogue AoE dps.

    worked hard on my single target DPS, reaching a point where i seem to have threat issues (as mentioned in my other post). seems to mostly be a "the tanks i know have threat issues".

    AoE ive never had an issue with threat, and as ive recently managed to get away from my bard role i have an extra one and wanted to get a nice spec for 3+ target trash pulls.

    in my previous experience ive had the best results with sab, spamming booby trap under the target. that was pre-nerf (which didnt seem to effect traps). is that still the best route? or is there a better route for AoE trash?

    i still have my NB spec for bosses. thanks for any advice!

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    the sabo going 2x rotations of shrapnel x5 then booty trap spam is still the most sustained dps

    however the dark malady -> blade tempo -> dancing steel is the highest burst aoe dps, with 10 mobs this one move does 6k dps with the above 50% boost to dmg.

    if you can stomach the boring sabo gameplay that is your best bet. ive long since gotten rid of my sabo role though...
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