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Thread: Riftstalker Planar Essence

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    Default Riftstalker Planar Essence

    Hey Guys,
    I'm troubled about what planar essence I should get for my tanking spec. I got the 55 endurance on hit as greater and then 5x the shimmersand essence with 8 strgh 11 endu 5 parry. First question: are there any better ones before expert/raid rift drops? second question: What to chose as 2nd greater essence? Ofc I know about the one that gives u a 15% dmg shield and absorbs some minor dmg, but I was thinking about the "crystalized vampire blood" that gives u around 90hp life leech since i just got an epic sourcestone. I don'T know how often it proccs though. I will get the lessers from raidrifts now, since I finished my dd focus first. But still not sure about the majoir essence since there is only one with more aggro+more threat from raidrifts.
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    Rigid Stance from Whitefall is much better than the parry one from fortune shore. I'd switch all your lessers over to Rigids while waiting on raid/expert rift loot. Pick up the raid rift dailies and save them, then do them all with your guild. That's the best way of getting purple planars.

    For your 2nd greater...I recommend not using greaters. I use 6 lessers currently. Maybe if i got the 68 endurance proc from expert air rifts I would use that, but for now I think the always up stats surpass our poor options for greaters.
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    yea...dont use greaters unless you got a wicked epic one...the blues dont proc that often...i personally prefer crapload of stats to some damage shield...dont really notice the shield after all

    before raid rifts, i stocked up on the str/end/dodge one out of IPP...just used 5-6 of those...

    once you get raid rifting, you can get purple stones and buy the dex/end/dodge ones from water vendor.....those are sweet....

    if you start GSB and need life resist, you can change those over to the life ones, they have slightly worst stats, but give you life resist...

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