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Thread: dual weilding

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    Default dual weilding

    Does it matter what attack speed my offhand is? if i have a 1.8 dagger in main hand does it matter if my off-hand is a 2.1 speed? Or is double AA only based off of main hand weapon speed.

    The 2 weapons im deciding between are Stone Etched Slaughterblade and Titanslayer. In terms of pure dps the slaughter blade wins but i need the extra hit from titan slayer unless i replace a different piece fo gear, making my stats lower. Just wondering if the off hand mattered or not.

    Thanks in advance.

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    From what i understand, the only thing that matters is the stats, because all the dmg stuff is based off your main hand. Although your white dmg is affected by the dps of your offhand.

    But that's just from my observations. Someone else who has more time on their hands maybe able to come up with a better answer.

    Sorry not much help, but personally i would go with the stats instead of the dps of your off hand.

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