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Thread: My Offensive Support Spec. Am I doing this right?

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    Default My Offensive Support Spec. Am I doing this right?

    I've been having great fun playing my Bard as an offensive support role. Damage, buffs and CC all in a fun stealther package...

    (my spec)

    I hit Scourge of Darkness to help my DPS during motif refreshment, I keep my debuffs up and I make sure to rotate my cooldowns. If there's a problem, I can go to spamming Cadence but with more damage (and in turn more Cadence healing) than a 51 point Bard. I have instant, no cooldown CC and I can move from melee dps to ranged dps easily.

    Imagine my surprise when I come to these boards and see nothing but 51 point Bard specs. Is this style of play not viable? Am I holding my group back?

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    The 51 point Bard spec exists solely to provide VoJ. It's virtually a must for raiding, plus can be very useful in some expert dungeon boss fights with its usefulness largely depending on your group makeup and gear level.

    A spec such as yours (34 point bard) is perfectly viable for most dungeons and boss fights, especially if your consistently running with the same people and they aren't expecting a 51 point bard. My 34 point bard build (back when I had the luxury of having both builds) was supplemented with 32 in Ranger. Did this mostly for Rain of Arrows/Trick Shot for an increase in AE DPS for trash plus the bonus damage from the pet (which I more or less considered no more than a walking DoT).

    Personally, I would take the 3 points spent in Extended Grief and Street Smart and put it into Talented Composer (2) and Coda of Fury (1). Fury is all sorts of fun on big AE pulls with Virtuoso, and combined with Rain/Trick Shot could get me some truly horrifying numbers in places like IT and RD.

    But all things being equal, your perfectly fine using a 34 point build if your doing single group content. the 51 point builds are for the situations where the full extent of the support class is needed, and thats really only in raids. Can be nice in other places, but not *needed*.
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