Ok, I've been playing around with a few builds after playing with sabo last night, and after I was informed by a T2 expert tank that he absolutely loves rogues who can Lost Hope stuff. That got me thinking about how often in a 5 man situation a mage is needed to swap to a CC spec and in doing so loses a large amount of DPS. Now, personally, I love my nb/sin and my ranger/mm DPS builds, and I know how irritating it can be to want to DPS and be forced to play a spec that costs you your damage for the sake of functionality with the group. Additionally, I actually quite enjoy playing CC roles, and I really enjoy sabo/bard and their CC abilities, so I was wondering if anyone else had thought about this kind of spec and played with it at all, and how it worked out for lowman and/or full raid situations (5 people up to 20).

To me, after looking over the Sabo and Bard trees, it feels like it would be invaluable to have if you do a lot of low man stuff, given that a lot of sabo's CC/Debuff abilities also deal decent damage.

I haven't had a chance to actually put any of this into practice yet, but I've thrown together a couple theoretical builds that I think could work, depending on the situation, and I was wondering what ya'll thought. My main train of thought here is that any one of these builds would mostly be based around a usual group of people for a lowman, where you know who has what to work with. Any of them could easily translate to a larger group, I think, following the logic that the more people you have, the more holes you can fill in.

Note: Some of my point allotments were made mostly to hit a certain number, anything outside of CC stuff should be able to be shifted around to fit personal play style/efficiency as needed

Build 1: Bard spec CC focus

Build 2: Bard spec, CC/Support focus

Build 3: Sabo spec, CC focus

Build 4: Sabo spec, CC focus without lost hope

This build assumes a situation where LH doesn't work (I'm looking at you, hive mind), or you have another rogue that can handle it. Probably doable with bard spec too, but I'm lazy.

Anyway, I'm mostly just spitballing here for ideas of practical builds for handy uses. Not trying to make Rogue into a ZOMGPIGEONHOLEROGUEINTOCCBECAUSEITSAMAZING or anything, just thinking out loud. Feel free to critique or point out flaws in my logic, I'm still pretty inexperienced when it comes to endgame.