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Thread: PvP Lesser Essences

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    Default PvP Lesser Essences

    What are most people using for these? Currently I'm using all str/dex/crit/Fire Resist from the lvl 44 planar goods vendor in Stillmoore...

    Are there better alternatives that don't cost an arm and a leg to get?

    Any information on if the next patch will introduce lesser essences with pvp oriented stats?

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    I'm using 4 X Elusive Prey, 1 X World Event L50 essence and 1 X Necrotic Rage/Semblance.

    If you're talking about upgrades, you would need 50-60 Inscribed Sourcestones from Raid Rifts to load up on the L50 epic essences.

    And to answer your last question, unfortunately no. Best essences are still obtained via raid rifts.

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