Hello all,

So I've been trying to do some nice DPS stuff in my dungeons and hopefully (when I hit 50, currently 45) for raids as well. But, I keep getting out DPS'd by AOE warriors and mages. I don't care about being the top DPSer, I just want to make sure I'm dealing as much as I possibly can.

Basically I'm running Rift/Sin/Rng and I get some pretty sick DPS. However, a little birdy told me that the a "42 nightblade" had awesome dps for raid groups. I've been messing with soul builder all morning and I haven't been able to parse anything yet but could someone point me in the right direction?

I already dropped a deep sin build for PVE since obviously it wasn't viable. Burst damage then a 2 min CD sucks. I've dabbled in Rng/Marksman stuff but the cast times take too long and the AOE just isn't worth it.

Also, if someone has a nice AOE build or AOE tips please I'd love to hear about that as well.