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Thread: Saboteur , ranger and mm

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    Default Saboteur , ranger and mm


    Im kinda noob to this game, well I have been playing wow for 6 years, so I kinda know how the bacis things work.

    I do however have my doubts, I wanted to make a Marksman rogue, pure ranged dps, to support in the background.

    When I picked MM, it suggest me to go ranger + Sabotour, so I did.

    But when Im lvl'ing up, MM and Ranger sucks compared to saboteur.

    I mean I went ranger to get my pet, and MM to deal dmg, but ha ha ha, MM sucks ...

    I put up 5 blast charges, and detonate, and wupti the enemy is on 50 hp left.

    How can I even make MM more viable for lvling up ?
    I hate the fact that it is so easy right now killing stuff, with saboteur.

    Only thing I see with MM is that it deal **** dmg, and is more for kiting things, due to the fact that everything gives speed.

    In my 2 specs, Im 0 sab, 12 mm, 6 ranger.
    Other spec is 12 ranger and 6 mm.

    I refuse to go with sab, simply because it is WAY to easy.

    Any suggestions ?

    And yes Im lvl 14.


    Please notice I aint talking about raids, dungeons simply just questing

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    You can either play what you enjoy or play the best role for whatever you're doing, whether you like the soul or not.

    MM is fine for solo questing until 30 but there are just better options. Speaking as one of the stubborn MM out there of course.

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    I leveled mostly as MM. (Level 50 last night! Wooo!) It's all about kiting everything. When there's not room to kite, then you either end up pulling the whole group of mobs or you just suck it up, stand in melee with the mob, and hope your Swift Shot and Rapid Fire Shot are enough to kill your target before it kills you.

    I have to admit I went bard/ranger for some of the tougher quests with the mobs packed close together or inside caves/buildings/etc. It's like being a tank, healer, and DPS all in one. Of course that's way too easy for my liking. :P

    0 points in Saboteur gets you the Sticky Bomb (a.k.a. Frost Trap), so that's really nice for kiting in a small area. You might also look into Assassin for the stuns, blind, stealth, and sap.

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    I'm about the same level as you and playing the same general spec and I really like the setup with Marksmen. Current rotation involves setting my pet passive and laying my trap and setting up the sticky bomb. The range on marksmen is so long that by the time the target hits the DoT trap and the sticky bomb hes really hurting. After he hits the DoT trap I send the pet in and one more 5 pt combo finishes it. I'm sure there are more effective ways but my rotation is a lot of fun. I am able to kill single targets with no kiting using this method.

    My build so far has just enough pts in sab to get the DoT trap(cant remember what its called) and the rest in mm.

    I picked ranger as my third choice because it was recommended by the game, but I'm killing stuff fast enough that I am thinking of respecing to bard for third choice. This early in the razorback is the only benefit to ranger im seeing. The ranged dps abilities of the ranger are just a weaker version of marksmen it seems. I will miss the razorback for the times I mess up and pull multiple mobs, but thats it.
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    For what you are wanting to do, I would go heavy Ranger with at least 8-15 points in Nightblade.

    Gives you that ranged damage you are looking for.
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