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Thread: Build Your Class: Rogue

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    Default Build Your Class: Rogue

    A couple of my friends had been talking about this video that Trion released about the versatility of the soul system. My friends were talking about the "Death Dealer" build and they asked for my advice on the build (because they are still leveling their rogues in the twenties and I'm a 50 rogue). When they asked about it, I had to go look at the video again because I couldn't remember the builds from the video. While watching the video I realized that it's kinda false advertisement. They created a build with basically 1 point into as many different abilities as possible just to show all the extra flash, then they show gameplay from different builds with the same soul combos.

    The thing that caught my eye is their "Teleporting Sniper" build is 17(riftstalker)/39(marksman)/10(saboteur) and built like http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...jGdRRkIudR.Gsz (shown at 0:56 in the video). After showing this build, they used a build similar to http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...dRo.x0xoazIudo (not shown). I had to use a lot of filler in these specs, but I tried to not get any abilities in the build that were not shown on the ability bars or buff bars at 1:06 in the video. The abilities they actually use (or are available for use on their bar) are not available in the build they showed, with the most obvious examples being that with only 17 points into riftstalker, it is not possible to have the abilities Freedom of Movement, Hasted Time, Guardian Phase, Planar Refuge, or Shadow Warp.

    This doesn't affect gameplay really, but I don't like having the feeling that I'm getting lied to, and this video provided more evidence to prove itself a lie.

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    I'm glad I read this...I was about to change my entire direction with my Rogue....

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    I don't get it.
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    TLDR: A video designed to increase hype and sell subs wasn't 100% accurate to the product at release. OP is upset about it. He has never purchased anything that was not 100% what it was advertised to be.
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    That this post found it to page three is reprehensible. It's the best one I've seen since I started playing Rift. "find some balance in your life..." Some people could learn from that. Not only is it an awesomely hilarious post, but informative too. +10 internets.

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