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Thread: I tried a Sab... and I like it!

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    Talking I tried a Sab... and I like it!

    I decided to try a Sab, went almost 100% sab with only a few points in Nightblade (for conceal) and 2 points in Riftstalker to get the first finisher.

    I never realized how much fun it was to run around dropping charges on people, things and even critters just to watch them explode when you detonate.

    I don't see what people are complaining about, the Sab is a fun soul to play. My rogue before was a standard Ranger/Marksman/Nightblade and while good in a fight, it was not as fun as blowing people up.

    I also don't understand why people don't use stealth or concealment (not the skill) when attacking. I was in Black Garden and I hid in a big leaf and killed the opposing healer and fang carrier many times before they finally decided to find me. By then we had already won.
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    No one said it's not fun. Most of the complaints stem from the fact that single target dps on bosses is pretty crap right now. In fact, if it wasn't fun then no one would be complaining. The problem is we want to play the spec because it's fun but it feels like you are gimping yourself.
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    It is more strategy based now, and isn't in danger of being nerfed. So grats on finding a class you enjoy.=)
    Based on your post I assume your low level, it won't scale to level very well, but you do get quite a few great utility abilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delphya View Post
    and 2 points in Riftstalker to get the first finisher.
    Guarded Steel? for what?

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