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Thread: Alternative Bard Build

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    Default Alternative Bard Build

    Alright, so I figured I'd contribute a little something to kind of break up the monotony that is the complaining on the Rogue forum. This thread isn't about the qq, please don't bring it here.

    First Note: I love being a bard in groups. I've been a bard since lvl 1, and when I'm not tanking instances I'm barding instances by choice. Anyway....

    I had an idea for an alternative bard build to be useful in Expert Dungeons and maybe even Raids, but I wanted some opinions.


    You give up:

    Verse of Joy, Vitality, Fascination
    Anthem of Glory (Useless unless 3rd string bard)
    10% Max HP (Mostly useless in dungeons)
    3% anti-crit/anti-hit (Again useless)
    3% dmg
    15% fire/death resist
    15% Finisher damage (doesn't effect Coda of Restoration)

    What you gain:

    20% bonus heal crits, and also dmg as well
    10% dmg increase, proc on crit
    5% Crit chance

    I personally think that this is a pretty good tradeoff. Verse of Joy is pretty useful in a pinch, but most Mage's have their own mana generation ability and/or have pots. The other stuff isn't really that useful, as in all the parties I've been in I've been there for AoE heals and Buffs, not how much damage I can dish out.

    What do you all think?

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    I was always wondering about how Magnify Pain affects Cadence.

    I see that we will have +20% of damage for crit hits.

    Are we going to get +20% of healing of whatever we hit crit/no crit?

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    Bumping this because I want to know if anyone else actually uses something similar.

    Also wanted to add that I don't think I've ever seen Cadence heals crit, but as the heals are based on the damage done, you still get a healing buff.

    Motif of Regeneration and Coda of Restoration crits all the time though, so it definitely helps there.

    I know those verses come in handy some time, but in aoe fights without trinkets I've managed 500hps, which while padded by the fact that that's constantly healing 5 people, minus buff/debuff maintainance, it still takes quite a bit of pressure off of our healer.

    Also, in a really late response to you, Jab: Magnify pain works on healing crits and damaging crits. It's worded in the same way as if you were saying "I like blue or black dogs" You aren't meaning that you either like the color blue, or enjoy canines that are black. You are saying that you like canines that are either blue in color or black in color.
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