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Thread: Slip Away

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    Default Slip Away

    is it just me or do we still auto attack after slip away? i was using a test dummy and used slip away to get out of combat. i walk away and turn back and an arrow fires off at it.

    if the bard was having an issue where the mez would break because the melee auto attack wasnt canceled, then why didnt they fix it for slip away and why didnt they also think to check for ranged auto attacks too?

    i might be wrong but this game still feels so buggy (stealth still breaks when group members enter or leave an area, and sometimes for no obvious reason)

    whether it is or is not truely buggy, the perception is there and that will hurt the game.

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    Yep improved stealth is always making me unstealth all the time. I can just wait around in stealth and eventually I will unstealth. I have been so angry at this bug that I intentionally tested stealth while not doing anything. This is my result:

    Went to Sanctum.
    I turned improved stealth on.
    Turned on Hidden Veil.
    Proceeded to hit Enter so that my keyboard is locked from using ANY abilities since chat is toggled on.

    What happened, you may ask? The test was successful. My character unstealthed after a while. Sometimes not even very long after stealthing.

    I've tested it with the Nightblade Conceal. Same results. I've asked my guild and other level 50 rogues. They all have the same problem.

    Slip Away is just as problematic because it turns off your stealth for no reason most of the time. Even when you aren't even hit. It simply bugs out and stealth fails.

    I've even had Hidden Veil just decide to not work.

    This is my letter to Trion:

    Dear Trion Worlds,

    Please fix all stealth bugs for the Rogue, and if stealth is SUPPOSED to work this way, THEN PUT IT IN YOUR TOOLTIP!!!

    example: "Stealth, Slip Away, and Hidden Veil has a chance to fail."

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    Try this macro:

    #show slip away
    targetexact solace
    cast slip away

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