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Thread: Seventh's Warfront/Solo PVE Build - RS38/NB12/BD16

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    Default Seventh's Warfront/Solo PVE Build - RS38/NB12/BD16

    Hi everyone! I am in need of some help with refining a warfront build I have been working on since 1.1 weakened my old build. Just to let you all know, I have been running this build for the past 5 levels in the 40-49 bracket with decent success in the Harrow/Briarcliff/Silkweb/Gnarlwood bracket. This build is very versatile from my experience so far... being able to DPS and hold fang/sourcestone for good amounts of time is pretty awesome. I feel like I am contributing a lot in Warfronts in all the three that are currently available to me. NOTE: Sorry this build is not big on damage output.

    My build is here: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...uqdRkkM.xbdmzo

    This build is a fang running, point capping, sourcestone getting build. Basically this build made me feel like I was a running back on Whitefall Steppes. Most of the time I am able to run halfway across the map with the sourcestone by myself and pray a healer sees me when I reach midpoint. Utilizing the cooldowns and sprinting/blinking powers makes me almost untouchable 2v1.

    The main component of my build are in the Riftstalker tree... they are my moving forces. I use every one of the plane shifting movement/attack abilities to gain ground on the warfront battlefields.

    Key Riftstalker Skills:
    Shadow Shift - I normally save this for pinch situations
    Shadow Warp - I use this normally when I am not directly under attack... overshooting your mark could cost you the game while running.
    Shadow Stalk - Very awesome skill that I use on my teammates to cover ground and get out of stuns
    Shadow Blitz - Great tool to prevent people from grabbing the fang, sourcestone, or capping and to cover ground
    Shadow Assault - Another great tool to move you to an incoming enemy when you are running the flag/etc
    Flashback - I tend to place the memory capture as I run. People tend to forget to place this... it can get you out of a stun OR help you cover Codex and Statue/Translation at the same time

    Ranged Attacks:
    Weapon Barrage - silence goodness
    Twilight Force - decent ranged damage and snare
    Fiery Spike - dot... mainly used to get me quick combo points to self heal with rift scavenger

    Crowd Control:
    Lost Hope - Great CC which gives you 1 second to CC another with Rift Prison and cap points
    Rift Prison - The best hands down CC that I have used on a rogue. Use this to prevent those annoying clerics who shield before capping. This also helps you 1v1 cap

    AOE Attacks:
    Rift Disturbance - I use this first in almost all scenarios
    Weapon Flare - This is solid 8 man AOE damage that is spammable!

    Defensive Utilities:
    Planar Refuge - Taking less damage is always good!
    Defer Death - The one and ONLY reason why I went 38 into Riftstalker. This is the codex saving, fang grabbing, sourcestone stealing move. 10 seconds more to live could mean a GREAT deal... 10 seconds is more than enough time to cap a Codex flag.
    Side Steps - Dodging a whole more actually helps with DPS as well

    Spam Macro:
    #show precision strike
    cast reprisal
    cast precision strike
    cast quick strike
    cast keen strike

    I do use two other macros... one for my AOEs and ranged attacks... but those are nothing special.

    Since I am NOT a number crunching type of guy... could anyone let me know if there is a better way to spend my points? I thought hard about it and this was the best I can think of without having much wasted points. Surprisingly... this build doubles as my solo PVE build as well.

    Thank you all for your time!

    Seventh : Saboteur/Riftstalker/Ranger : Founder of Dreampiece.com

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    Forgot to add a video showcasing this build's potential in running the sourcestone:

    Seventh : Saboteur/Riftstalker/Ranger : Founder of Dreampiece.com

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