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Thread: Blade Tempo + Dancing steel macro - two button presses?

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    Default Blade Tempo + Dancing steel macro - two button presses?

    #show dancing steel
    cast blade tempo
    cast dancing steel

    Blade Tempo is not on the GCD, yet this macro takes two button presses to execute Dancing Steel. I this how it should be, or is there something I can add to the macro to make it only require one press (not crucial, but a little less annoying)?

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    yes, this is how the macros work. If any of the items fires off, the macro is done and can be restarted with a 2nd push. The 2nd time you push it Blade Tempo isn't available, so Dance of Steel fires off.

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    As far as I know, the macro system doesn't allow multiple skills per key press.
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    i actually hit dark malady and blade tempo at the same exact time (dark malady hotkey, blade tempo clicked) then when the gcd is back up i click dancing steel. this allows 7 seconds of the 20% bonus from dark malady to still be up when dancing steel starts for ultimate pwnage.
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