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Thread: You Are Too Far Away - What the #$!??

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    Default You Are Too Far Away - What the #$!??

    I can't count how many times I've stealth someone, go to attack them with a melee stealth attack, and be told I'm too far away. Even though I'm standing IMMEDIATELY behind them. Then they just start attacking me like nothing happened. Is this a bug or an exploit?

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    sap first then they cant attack you
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    It'll happen even with Incapacitate sometimes. Not sure why, although my guess would be a latency issue. Doesn't happen often enough to be a major issue though. I only get that error maybe once every few days.
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    I get this problem too, and sometimes after I use my opener from stealth and proceed to use backstab or puncture I get the message "You must be facing your target" even though they're right infront of me. It's bad enough that I'm a rogue, now they wont even let me hit the person before they turn around and destroy me lol

    65ms ping btw.

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