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Thread: 51 pt Rogue Ability Ideas

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    Wink 51 pt Rogue Ability Ideas

    Wanted to share some ideas!

    Pandora's Box (Saboteur/Assassin)
    Range 20m
    Cooldown 2mins
    The Ultimate CC device.
    An AOE bomb device which explodes after 4.5s and unleashes 5 effects chosen from the list below:
    Mana Drain 500 over 10s
    Snare 70% for 10s
    Stun 5s
    Increased Mana/Energy Costs by 25% and Slows Casting Speed
    Expose Weakness 60s
    Disoriented 10s broken with damage
    Silenced for 8s
    Next 3 hits on player are critical hits
    Death in 10s (Can be cleansed)

    Clean Get-Away (Assassin)
    Melee Finisher
    A finisher which deals water damage. If the target is killed 5s after using the finisher, the rogue automatically stealths for 10s (Can Unstealth). All buffs and debuffs are wiped away.

    Kamikaze (Infiltrator/RiftStalker)
    Range 15m
    A channeled ability over 6s. The Riftstalker glows, becomes immune to all CC effects and gains 30% damage reduction(additive). During this period, the Riftstalker traps his target in a rift prison and uses his soul energy to bombard the target. At each second mark the ability deals percentage based health damage to both the caster and the target.
    1s - 5%
    2s - 20%
    3s - 35%
    4s - 50%
    5s - 75%
    6s - 100%
    The channeled ability is cancelled if the caster is slain during cast.
    Yes this ability will kill both the caster and target. Bosses are immune.
    Respawn timer set to 30s upon death and soul vitality drops by 10%, player cannot say or yell for 30mins upon use (stacks up to 10times)

    Blank Slate (Infiltrator Rank6)
    Range 30m
    1min CD
    Destroys all Buffs on the target over 10s. Cannot be Cleansed.

    The Undying (Bladedancer)
    Upon death the Bladedancer rises again instantly to wreak vengeance on his slayers. Allowed up to 3 deaths.
    1st Death - Gains 5% boost to attack speed/movement speed/crit chance. 20% debuff to all other stats. 50% of max HP, heals are 50% less effective for 10s.
    2nd Death - Gains 15% boost to attack speed/movement speed/crit chance. 30% debuff to all other stats. 25% of max HP, heals are 75% less effective for 30s.
    3rd Death - Gains 25% boost to attack speed/movement speed/crit chance. 40% debuff to all other stats. 10% of max HP, heals are 100% less effective for 60s.

    Thanks for reading!

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    At least you have thought out your ideas. I really like all of them. Food for thought for the devs. I would like to see 'Slip Away' remove all dots from the rogue before going into stealth. Or keep it the way it is and increase the immunity to damage from 4 seconds up to 8. This would at least give the rogue a chance to find a safe hiding spot if affected by dots before they are popped out of stealth and turned into fodder.

    Also move Slip Away down so it doesn't cost 31 points.

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