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Thread: As Sin/RS - NB/RS - Sin/NB can't kill anything in WF's

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    Default As Sin/RS - NB/RS - Sin/NB can't kill anything in WF's

    Yes I need to L2P and I am looking for some constructive advice on how and where to use these builds, or some ideas on how to combine these 3 souls - Riftstalker, Assassin and Nightblade. Due to lack of open world pvp, I am specifically looking for pug WF advice please.

    The Nightblade/Riftstalker gives some good burst and defensive goodies, but people just run away to safety or heal while walking, lack of vanish = dead me.

    The Nightblade/Assassin has too many things that overlap, and lack of Riftstalker shifts (and associated bonuses) hurt my survival big time.

    The Assassin/Riftstalker gives great battlefield control but lacks the burst to take down anything that gets the slightest trickle of healing.

    Tell me guys, in an average wf (say, port of scion), what are you doing at 50, to kill a cleric? a warrior? a rogue? a mobile mage?
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    I've been having way more results with Ranger recently.
    Make sure you have fellblades up on the NB, else you're kind of useless against healers.
    As ranger, I try to go after the more squishy targets or warriors which are already being attacked.
    Often when I go 1v1 i'll actually win out against alot of classes. And that's before I figured out how to get my pet working properly! I've yet to try with the pet attacking properly ( I'm a new ranger )

    If you must go sin, you have to utilize your stealth and stuns correctly else you're nothing.
    Port of scion is a total mess, I wouldn't worry about if you're doing well there or not. Just try not to get noticed too much stay with the group and do what you can.

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    First of all, as a melee rogue in pvp - if you don't have mid to high NB - don't bother, you're wasting your time. NB performs that much better than any of the other rogue tree's it's not even funny

    What you need to do is firstly familiarize yourself with the different rogue tree's -


    Learn how each one works, and what they offer at different stages. Various tree's offer decent abilities at different tiers, making you choose where to cut off one tree and start another. For example permanent stealth is 21 SIN, 20% combat run speed is 21 Bard, Scourge of Darkness is 26 NB etc

    Then once you know what each ability does, you can decide which abilities fit your play-style.

    22 SIN is a common cutoff - gives you the crit skills, perma stealth, and the 4 second stun

    32 NB is another common cutoff - gives you scourge, fell blades, other goodies

    21 BD - Charge

    Anyway you get the idea. Some cutoff's work well in synergy with others, allowing you to perform at a higher lvl when combining two tree's rather than going all the way in 1 tree. SIN/NB is a classic example of this, BD/RS in pve is another

    Ok now that is the first part of the equation. The second part is knowing how to play the build you just theory crafted. Best idea is firstly head out and farm some mobs, get used to the idea's behind it in actual practice, then concentrate on getting your macro's sorted out. Macro's are key, so important with rogue builds - if you mess them up or do not optimize them, you will lose a TON of dps

    And thirdly is gear. Once you have created your ideal build, you need to maximize it's potential through gearing it up. This doesn't necessarily mean spending the next thousand hours of your life doing expert raids - there is a lot of other ways to improve your gear through faction runes, crafting, faction and pvp gear etc.
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