So i love melee rogues and have alot of fun with it in PvP and PvE. I know Trion doesnt like melee dps in PvE right now but they will tune encounters to give melee a break, Plus i like the challange we have with bosses.

Anyways here is my PvE spec i thought i would share. With about 1/2 purples and the rest blue gear i can pull 650 on single target. Not great but not bad either, as im still on T1's, considering again my gear is still being worked on.

My PvP spec is again Assassin but i go 51 assassin, as the 51 point tallent is AMAZING burst which melee rogues so desperatly need. I do pretty good in PvP with it, you just have to play your role in the WF and not try and be a warrior.