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Thread: This random CD bug annoys me

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    Default This random CD bug annoys me

    It's not cool when I enter a Black Garden match after crafting for 5 minutes, or questing as Sin/RS for 30 minutes, just to change roles to NB/INF and see I have to wait 1 minute or longer for my cooldowns to reset - of all my 2-minute skills like Blackout, Cleanse Soul, Twilight Transcendence...
    I know I haven't used them in ages, I wasn't even in any spec that has them, so wtf?

    This happens about 10% of the time. The skills that should be ready to use are still on some random CD.
    Fix it asap, please.

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    This also happens when in the right spec and just zone in the WF. It is annoying, I agree.

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