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Thread: Melee or nightblade pvp specs

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    Default Melee or nightblade pvp specs

    Was wondering if anyone one here oculd give me a nice pvp pec for assassin or for nightblade and possibly some help with the rotations and what not.

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    I lifted most of the RS side from Darkhan because pure NB made me angry, and I feel this does a lot more for you [more mobility, more damage, more defense, I'd waste a lot of points in sin, and BD doesn't have too many things for low points. I don't like playing at range]. I was thinking about something like 44NB, 22 Sin, but I'd hate to lose the mobility which is pretty important in WF. NB stealth is good enough.

    I don't use rotations in pvp, although most stuff should be obvious if you play around with it. Sometimes Ebon Fury is more useful than the immunities, and try to not blow all of your cds to kill a person.

    I'm debating about putting 0 in infiltrator for a cc break, but I have to think about it more.
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