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Thread: My rogue balancing idea's.

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    Default My rogue balancing idea's.

    Reduce stealth cooldown to 6 secs.
    Increase Poison damage
    Up Serrated blades and impales bleed damage
    Up backstab damage increase it's cooldown if you must
    Magnify pain increase to 40% +

    Reduce empowered shot cast
    Reduce Deadeye shot cast
    Reduce strafe cooldown slightly

    Increase pet damage across the board
    Increase headshot damage.
    Up bleed damage on improved quickshot
    Up bleed damage on Splinter shot - Decrease cast time

    Just a few ideas on playing the above souls. I sadly have not played the others so i have no experiance there. Share your ideas and feedback is welcome.

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    At this point im not surprised if they do the exact opposite of everything you list. Other than that i feel those are nice ideas for some change. Backstab should not have a CD though. There is not point to increase damage but reduce the effect because of cool downs. Rogues should be fast and hard hitting.

    Sorry just pissed because i got shot down by 4 groups saying no rogues. Slow night for guild

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    Assassin - reducing stealth is kind of meaningless. All it does is make solo leveling ever so slightly faster.

    Marksman - dont reduce cast times. Make them instants but with reuse timer of 10 seconds.

    Ranger - the changes make sense. I dont know that we really need more pet damage though if ranged attacks are addressed.
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    Someone is obsessed with dot damage.

    Assassin is focused on burst. The problem with the assassin is that his burst just isn't enough to justify it over dot damage. You want to fix it? Stop putting so much focus on the dots. Here's what I'd suggest for assassin.
    Assassinate should deal 50% more base damage and scale with a further 100% of attack power(bringing it to a total 200% extra attack power).
    Change Enduring Brew to also give a 5% damage boost per stack.
    Deadly Cross should be increased to 10/20/30%.
    Expose armor should scale with 10% of attack power.
    Impale should be able to stack.(I've seen it "glitch" to show it stacking, either it's a held back feature or i'm not sure what that is...)
    Improved Final Blow should be increased to 15/30/45%.
    Lethal Poison debuff is not consumed on the next crit.
    Murderous Intent should be increased to 5/10%.
    Poison Potency should increase Lethal Poison to 6/8/10% increased chance to crit.
    Serpent Strike should deal 100% more base damage and scale with a further 50% of attack power(bringing it to a total for 150% extra attack power).
    Stealth should not be allowed to break from self inflicted dot damage(enduring brew).

    This allows the assassin to continue to benefit from keeping his dots up in pve, yet have that oomph required for pvp. Physical Trauma would need to be looked at. I'm not really sure if it should become an additional debuff on the target that increases the rogue's physical damage to the target by 10/20% while up, or just get the additional effect of causing a 15/30% more physical dot damage.

    Next we have the marksman. Which, you apparently have no clue as to what the marksman's problem is. Unfortunately I don't know their problems as well as I know assassin's problems so I can't come up with a list as well. However, one of their major issues lies within the skill Hit and Run. The Marksman just doesn't generate enough energy for this to be effective. One quick resolve of the issue would be to make it similar to the nightblade's Ebon Fury, which would make it also reduce the energy cost of Empowered Shot to be reduced by 50%. Essentially allowing hit-n-run to become a true dps cooldown, rather than a defensive cooldown(honestly the only use is when you literally are running). Beyond that, I can imagine that there are issues similar to what you want. Reducing the cast times to 1 second will fix part of the problem but not all of it. However, I can speak no more on the marksman's part.

    Ranger I believe you are on the right trail. However, going about it wrong. Rather than giving the pets a straight damage increase, have it scale with the combined damage of our 3 weapons, perhaps weight in the sense that each melee weapon will add 25% of the formula and the ranged weapon adding 50% of the damage. This would of course instill the "need" for slow melee weapons for the ranger though, so perhaps also supported by some form of normalization based around the dps instead of the damage. Your other point about the bleeds, the bleeds aren't there for dealing large amounts of damage, they're there for allowing you to proc Blood Rage. If you believe the issue lies with this not being enough, then I'm sure we'd all just prefer a straight buff to Blood Rage, rather than having more dot damage.
    However, the Ranger has one other major problem, namely in pve, and that's the survivability of the pet. We either need a buff to King of the Jungle to also include cleaves as well as reducing damage further from aoes, or we need hasten call's cooldown to be reduced to 1 minute. Perhaps shove it into Master Huntsman, one further effect to reduce the cooldown for Hasten Call by 10/20/30/40/50%.
    One further buff the Ranger could heavily benefit from, would be to change Doubleshot from only being able to proc on auto shots, to have a chance to launch an auto attack off any shot the ranger does.
    Which with all of that, the ranger should be on par for dps with other callings.

    So there's where I stand with these 3 classes.
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