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Thread: How do you survie world pvp as a rogue?

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    Default How do you survie world pvp as a rogue?

    OK Im on Seastone as a level 43 Guardian rogue and I usually quest as bladedancer. Only problem is if I get jumped by anything other than another rogue Im dead. DPS clerics will just DoT kite me or melee me and have enough self heals to survive. Mages if lock/necro = more kiting and they can stay perma healed. Pyro??? ROFL /sit. Warriors are just as bad if its someone with a shield I have no shot cause they are gonna pally heal on me and I cant kill them twice. If hes got an even level pet it means hes gonna have good DPS and bleeds so I cant restealth even if I was in Sin spec. It seems while Im an unstoppable mob blender I cant even kill people 3-4 levels lower than me. At first I thought it was an L2play issue but even if Im in assassin and ready, as in I start the fight, I lose most of the time. This is how my attacks usually go.

    1. Stealth (Duh)
    2. Sap. Dont know if this one is good or not cause it means i just lost element of surprise but it does allow me to catch up to him
    3. Open with Jagged Strike
    4. Malicious Strike so he doesnt run away
    5. Puncture
    6. Now I have 5 combo points so I put up Impale
    7. Put up 3 stacks of Fiery Spike
    8. 2 Savage Strikes and that gives me 5 more combo points so
    9. Final Blow
    10. Repeat from step 4

    Somewhere in that rotation I will use Shadow stalk if he starts to kite me and follow that up with Foul Play and then can get off 2 backstabs usually, then reapply snare. If he stops to cast or im running low health I will hit him with Blinding Powder and then either run away if I have no chance or try and let any DoTs fall off and hope I can use Slip Away so I can re-open on them.

    Is this a L2play issue and I am doing something seriously wrong that I cant hardly win a 1v1 fight? Forgot to add im in full blues to my level.
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    Well I survive world pvp as a rogue by playing on a pve server, it puts my mind at ease and it could do the same for many people out there.

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    I am only level 17 and I am a assassin/riftstalker/bladedancer. I haven't even gotten out of the 'safe zone' but I hear that the PvP for a rogue is horrible. As in: we do horrible damage.

    I haven't experienced PvP yet-

    Right now I'm having fun beating up Mobs and feeling like I'm awesome.

    I'm scared to go out into the big world... scared that I'll get murdered.

    Aw well, I'll have to leave the den soon.

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    I use 51 Sin/10 Infil/5 Sab for world PvP. I do just fine ganking 1~2 people. World PvP is easy as a Sin because of stealth and the fact that most targets aren't ready. I want to try 40 Sin/21 Infil/ 5 Sabo as soon as I hit Rank 6.
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    Play Nightblade. Then you will win most of your 1vs1s.

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    Nightblade really will allow you to win most of your duels/open world gank attempts(even ones on you).

    I can't pretend to know your spec setup beyond what you've given me(little). However, along with the sap, you should also be sapping any pets they have and using expose armor on the player before opening.

    From there it's just a matter of reaction and predicting what the enemy is going to do.

    That pyro going for ground of power? Hit him with blinding powder right there. Goes for it again? Foul Play. AGAIN!? Slip->sap(assuming no dots on him, if so, you can either remain stealth, or immediately paralyzing for an extra second of bought time).

    Beyond that, I'd have to know the bigger specifics of your spec. Typically if a duel lasts longer than 10 seconds and you're an assassin, you've lost.

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    Try this

    Or from a little ways down in the thread try Zeroallmighty's similar build.
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