So, i've been scouring the forums for hours trying to decide what to do with my two free specs.

My first two are cookie cutter pve tank and bard specs, for parties that want them

What I am looking for for my other two specs is a min/maxed expert pve dungeon aoe dps build for one spec(i was looking at the 51/15 ranger/nb), and for the other any spec that i can pvp with that won't get face-rolled(i was looking at some of the nb/sin/bd hybrids and whatnot)

What I would like from commenters is their build(souls and #of points in them), where the points are allocated(a link to a build site would be especially handy), the rotation, and macros(i've not been using macros until now and from what i hear i'm gimping myself horribly)

Also, for people posting the aforementioned ranger build for expert dungeon dps i'd like to know any tips for how to effectively use the pet.

I know it's alot to ask all at once, and the info might be in the forums already but i couldnt find exactly what i was looking for so i'm hoping some pro number crunchers can help me out. Thanks in advance~