Since each warfront requires different strategy and rogues can contribute in different ways, I was wondering if fellow rogues have preferences when it comes to optimum souls for each of the 4 WF's out there. Here are my choices:

Black Garden

Hands down Saboteur. The landmines, 3 aoe bombs, and the traps are super useful in this place to protect your flag carrier. I find myself using all of the utility spells that this soul has to offer in this place to max effect.

Port of Scion

Personal favorite is Assassin/Riftstalker. The memory capture/flashback, together with permastealth enables the rogue to ninja the shards very easy, without actually having to kill any of the elites guarding them.


Assassin or Nightblade for the incapacitate and easy ninja-ing of unprotected flags (especially Vault)

Whitefall Steppes

I d say Marksman or Saboteur would utilize the open field for the mid battles here, and Sabo's utility bombs/traps/mines would tremendously help a flag carrier.


So what are your favorite souls for each WF?